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KYSO Concession Stand Policies and Procedures

Opachinski Athletic Complex Concession Stand Policy & Procedures
Per Order of the Town of Kingston Recreation Commission
KYSO Organizations are permitted to operate the concession stand.   Any Organization operating the concession stand must provide a copy of their Liability Insurance Policy prior to use, to the Town of Kingston Parks & Recreation Department via e-mail to
KYSO, or the Sports Organization designee, must also provide a copy of a Town of Kingston Board of Health Permit to the Kingston Parks & Recreation Department, and post a copy inside the concession stand. No paints or stains are to be stored inside the stand. No chemicals, except for those used for cleaning, shall be stored in the stand.
KYSO, or the Sports Organization designee, is permitted to operate the Concession stand, and anyone working in the concession stand must designate one adult 18 yrs. or older to be inside the concession stand during the hours of operation.  Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to be inside or work in the concession stand without the direct supervision of their parent/guardian.
If KYSO finds damage to the building or concession stand equipment, a Representative shall notify the Town of Kingston Parks & Recreation Department immediately.
KYSO must remove all sale items and clean all equipment at the end of each season. A “Hand-Over” policy and procedure will take place between the Parks & Recreation Department, the Relinquishing Operating Group, and the Taking Over Operating Group.
Opachinski Athletic Complex Concession Stand –
Operation Regulations
The following rules apply to KYSO to use the concession stand at the Opachinski Field Complex.
  • Board of Health Permit must be posted for each organization operating the concession stand.
  • Trash pickup around the concession stand after closing. All large boxes and trash from concession stand must be placed inside the dumpster.
  • Clean and restock bathrooms as needed.
  • Empty all collective trash during operating times to dumpster.
  • Wash all counters, equipment and tables used during daily operations and after closing.
  • Sweep and wash all floors in concession as needed.
  • Secure/Lock all doors after closing, including the restrooms
  • Notify the Parks & Recreation Department if any equipment is damaged, lost, stolen, or broken during daily operating time or found upon opening of concession stand.
  • No propane tanks allowed inside concession stand.
  • All gas grills must be outside of building and roped off to avoid immediate contact with any person.
  • No posting of flyers/concession pricing, etc. on the building – please use bulletin board.
  • Transfer Use from one Organization to another per Season will include a meeting with both Organization representatives, Recreation and a checklist review/sign off procedure.