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KYSO Field Use Policies & Procedures

Opachinski, Govoni & Lootz Field Use Policies and Procedures
Please read the Field Use Policies and Procedures carefully. It is the responsibility of the KYSO President to communicate/share this information with all organizations of the KYSO organization. Compliance with all of the information outlined below will ensure a cooperative partnership between the Town of Kingston and the Kingston Youth Sports Organization.  If you have any questions, please call the Recreation Department Office; 781-585-0533.
  • Insurance Requirements:  All KYSO organizations are required to provide the Recreation Office with an insurance binder showing that their program has the coverage described below for their season.  Said policy is to insure both participants and spectators.
  • GENERAL LIABILITY: $1,000,000 per occurrence Bodily Injury Liability and $3,000,000 per occurrence Property Damage Liability.
  • The binder must also state that the Town of Kingston is included as an additional insured and will be provided at least (30) days advanced notice of cancellation, material change in coverage, or non-renewal of the policy.
  • User Fee: KYSO user fee will be determined each year in the Spring for the next year. KYSO will be invoiced quarterly at the start of each fiscal year for the Town of Kingston, which begins July 1st
  • Concession Stand Operations must follow the Concession Stand Policies and Procedures. See separate Policy and Procedures Guidelines.
  • Prior Approval Needed:  Any work to be performed on Town property must be approved by the Town Department assigned jurisdiction of that property.  The Reed Community fields and grounds, as well as the Opachinski Athletic Complex, are under the jurisdiction of the Recreation Commission and any, and all work on any part of the property, buildings, equipment, must be approved by the Recreation Commission prior to the commencement of the work, even if funding is being provided by KYSO.  This excludes game day preparation, such as raking, lining, and adding clay as needed to the pitcher’s mound. At no time should any product, including any type of pesticide fertilization or seed, be put down on any of the fields by anyone other than the Town contracted contractor; coordinated through the Recreation Department.
  • All work performed at the Opachinski Complex and on the Govoni and Lootz fields must follow the same laws required by the municipalities with regard to work bids, contractor’s liability insurance,prevailing wages, etc., as it is Town owned property.
Field Use Rules:
  • Field Requests: All KYSO teams will coordinate direct field use with KYSO.  KYSO will then inform the Kingston Recreation Department so that the field use will be listed on the Kingston Recreation web site and an accurate field use calendar will be in place.
  • It is imperative to maintain an accurate field schedule in order to have the irrigation system scheduled and in operation effectively and efficiently.
  • It is the responsibility of the KYSO sports organization using any fields to ensure that any debris created by your group (or visiting teams) is properly disposed of prior to leaving the field.
  • Any persons using Town facilities do so at their own risk.
  • No Dogs Allowed per order of the Kingston Board of Health, Board of Selectman, and Recreation Commission
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited from all Town fields.
Reasons for Field Closings and Procedure:
Closure of fields ensure the safety of the athletes, and limits the risk for injury due to unsafe playing condition. In addition, the integrity of the fields are taken in to consideration when a field is closed.  Damage to the fields can have a lasting and costly effect on the playing surface, and could result in an unplayable surface of a field.
  • If there has been considerable rain which has comprised the integrity of the turf of the field, that field will be closed. Ex., mud, topsoil and or grass that is easily pulled up with cleats is reason for closure
  • Any standing water on the field with continued rain is reason for closure
  • Raising water while walking in addition to continued rain is reason for closure
Procedure for Field Closing:
  • If a Coach decides to close a field due to the above mentioned reasons, that Coach must alert their KYSO representative, the KYSO President, or the Recreation Commissioner designee for overseeing the Opachinski and Reed field operations.
  • If the KYSO President closed a field due to the above mentioned reasons, they will alert ALL KYSO leagues/teams/coaches, and the Recreation Commissioner designee for overseeing the Opachinski and Reed field operations.
  • If the Recreation Commissioner designee for overseeing the Opachinski and Reed field operations closes the fields for any reason, they will alert the KYSO President, and all KYSO Representatives and Organization Presidents. Each KYSO organization must alert their own coaches/leagues/teams.
  • Field Damage:  If any KYSO Team/Coach/Organization uses the fields after notification of field closure, then KYSO may incur an incremental user fee assessment of $250 per occurrence.
Field/Complex Clean Up: Each KYSO sports organization needs to schedule a minimum of two clean up dates each season for complex clean up; one prior to the start of their season, and one at the end of their season
  • This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Shed organization and clean up
    • Equipment removal from fields (equipment can be pushed to the sides of the fields if storage in sheds is not possible)
    • Meeting Room – no items to be stored in this space                                                 
All of the above conditions must be adhered to prior to your organization utilizing the field/facility requested. Please feel free to contact the Recreation Department/Commission with any questions or concerns, 781-585-0533.